Getting started

Preparing for your surprise party is extremely important. Without proper preparations, your party may not go as smoothly as you'd like. Believe it or not, you've already completed step one of your preparations. By deciding to throw a party for a special someone, you have completed the first step. Now that you know who your party is for, it's time to move on to the next step.

Preparations at a glance


Keeping momentum

A good surprise party should have a specific theme. When deciding upon the theme, it is important to choose something that has meaning to the guest of honor. If you decide to go without a theme, that's okay too. Now that you have established who the party is for and what type of party you're throwing, the next important decision to be made is when and where the party will take place. If you're on a budget, a great place to have a surprise party is at someone's house. Your own house will be good as well. When you have decided on the party establishment you will need to decide how to distract the guest of honor. This can be very tricky to pull off if you have an inquisitive guest of honor or one who likes to make plans themself.

Shhh...It's a surprise

Have an accomplis. Ackwnoledge that you may not be able to pull this off alone. It's good to have someone working with you so the party doesn't get too stressful. By having a third party member distract the guest of honor, your job becomes less difficult. Have your accomplis take the guest of honor to dinner, a movie, to someone else's house, etc. while you prepare for the party. If you can't find someone to help, that's okay too. Make plans with the guest of honor for a later hour. This gives you time to prepare for the festivities. When it's time to meet up with the guest of honor, you can then decide if you want to pick them up or have them meet you at the party destination.

You're cordially invited

Now that you have the foundation laid out for your party, it's time to form your guest list. Who will you invite to the party? Since the party is a surprise, it's imparative to go about this step in a careful manner. You don't want the guest of honor to find out about their party before the surprise goes down. Sending out personal invitations to each person is time consuming and a lot of work. Making phone calls to each person is an option but time consuming as well. The best way to send invitations is through social networks. Many people have a Facebook, which may be your saving grace. Facebook offers the event page. By making a party event on facebook and setting your event to private, you're able to send a mass invite to your guests without letting the guest of honor see the page. This way you can communicate with your guests all in one spot, and they can all commuincate with each other on the page too.

Lights, camera, action

You're almost done with your preparations at this point. Now that you know who you're inviting, you need to decide if your party will have a theme. When you decided to have a surprise party, there must have been some image in your head as to how you invisioned the party. What did it look like? Were there decorations? Was there a theme? Work off of your initial image to build your party into something special. A memorable party is one with a meaning behind it. Once you have decided on your party image, you will need to figure out what you need to make this happen. Do you need to buy decorations? Will you need a party tent? Will you need food? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you begin to prepare for the big day. Make a list to keep everything in order and organized. By putting your needs on paper, you can see what you need and how much of these needs can and will be met by the party.

The cat's out of the bag

Worse case scenario, your guest of honor finds out about the party. Don't panic. This can be adjusted. The party may not be a complete surprise, but they don't know how hard you've worked and all of the stops you're prepared to pull out to make the party a surprise. You have a few options at this point. Perhaps you have gone above and beyond to make this party so spectacular that it won't matter if the guest of honor knows something is going on. If this isn't the case, you can consider moving the party to a different location or to the fllowing week to throw off the guest of honor. Have a fake party with only a few people. Take the guest of honor to dinner with a few friends, and pretend that the dinner was the surprise. You have to be smarter than the guest of honor. You're in the drivers seat.

What a night!

Your ulitmate goal should be to make this birthday party the most memorable one they have ever had. You've put in a lot of time, effort, work and love into this party. Since you've done all of these things, why not make this party the best one yet? The higher standards you set, the better party you can pull off. Make the party memorable by doing something extra. The little things matter too! If your party is themed, you could have a custom outfit for your guest. You could bring in an unexpected guest, someone they never thought they would see that night. Flying in family members from out of state or friends from the past can make a very memorable night. Whatever you think your guest of honor would never expect to it.