You don't always have to leave it to pros

It's so easy to make guacamole at home. Watch this short video to see how. Use your creativity when deciding what to include in your guac, the possibilities are endless!

Easy Guacamole at Home

You'll need the following:

Take the knife and cut the avocado long ways. You'll find your knife hitting the pit inside. Just cut completely around the avocado and then twist the halves which will allow them to separate nicely.

Using your spoon, scrape the contents of the avocado out into the bowl. You should be able to clean it out completely. If the avocado is brown inside it is over ripe and if the avocado is a very light color and difficult to cut, separate or scoop out it is not ripe enough.

Once your avocado is in the bowl you can take the pit out if it is in the way, just do not throw it out! Mash up the avocado. I like to the use the back of a spoon or a fork. Once mashed to desired consistency, add all ingredients. Taste it and adjust as needed. Put the pit back in the bowl, it will keep it from getting brown too quickly. Avocados will start browning once they come into contact with oxygen. The taste will be the same, and it is safe to eat, but after a few hours, your guac will not look too appealing. Cover saran wrap over the surface of guac if you need to store it for later.

Making guacamole is great becasue you can put any kind of ingredients in it. In my video I used a lot of powdered spices because it was what I had available in my pantry, but do not be afraid to use fresh garlis, onions, and peppers. Many recipes call for tomatos as well. Kosher salt is a more coarse salt that will have more flavor, and the citrus from a lemon or lime will add a lot of flavor as well. Remember to add a little at a time and keep trying it to make sure you don't over do it.

Mix it up!

If you are in the mood to get creative there a lot of different kinds of dishes that you can serve with the use of guacamole. Guacamole can go great solo with bread, crackers, or chips, and it is just as tasty on top of burgers and sandwiches. Not ready to start mixing and mashing? A few slices of fresh Hass avocados go great in paninis and accompanying a salad. Below are a few recipes hanging out on the web ready to be made in a kichen near you.