Fasten your sombreros, it's time to find some guac.

There are so many great mexican restaurants in Gainesville. Organic, locally grown, nostalgic, famous and most importantly delicious. Due to time constraints, I only focused on six mexican restaurants in the area. Be aware that there are many others in town and they will certainly be featured on this site over the next few months. Don't forget that Gainesville is also home to many chain mexican restaurants like Moe's Southwest Grill, Chipoltle Mexican Grill and Tijuana Flats.

Gainesville Guacamole

Where to first?

So many places to choose from, so little time. Below is some information about a few Mexican restaurants in town, their contact information and the guacamole 411. Scroll down or click here for pictures.

There's more guacamole to come! Don't worry-- Agave Blue, Las Margaritas, Mexico Lindo Restaurante, El Rancho Viejo and Mr. Tequila Restaurant Inc. are all next on the list.

La Nopalera

3265 SW 34th Street
Gainesville, FL 32608
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La Nopalera is the new kid on the block and even though there are a few other locations in Jacksonville, Fla. it has made the top of my list because, well, who doesn't like trying out a new restaurant? In a great location where a Hooters Restaurant once was La Nopalera opened back in October of 2011.

Their guacamole was very inexpensive at only $2.50. It also came with a side salsa as well. The guac was a lime green color and more on the creamy side. A great value for the price. This restaurant offers a full menu of authentic Mexican dishes with seating indoors and out on a spacious patio.

101 Cantina

1632 West University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32603
(352) 283-8033

In the heart of midtown right next to Library West and The Swamp Restaurant, 101 Cantina is always packed at night. With a bar-like atmosphere and indoor/outdoor seating, it may be a tight squeeze when everyone is packed inside but 101 Cantina has a lot to offer. Great drink specials, numerous flat screen televisions, and of course a full menu complete with guacamole.

When ordering the guacamole at 101 Cantina it comes in a stone dish with utensils to mash away. An appetizer of guacamole and chips is $8.00, which is on the higher side compared to the other restaurants in the area. The gucamole has pico de gallo (a salsa-like mixture), lime juice, and seasonings included.

Burrito Bros. Taco Co.

1402 W. University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32603
(352) 378-5948

Burrito Bros. is known by just about every student, alumni and teacher that has attended The University of Florida. Burrito Bros. Taco Company has 4 parking spots, is connected to the Presbyterian Student Center and has been shipping their famous burritos across the country for years. It is plain and simple, with a window to order and courtyard to eat in, but the food here is nothing near plain and simple. The menu at Burrito Bros. features a unique variety of flavors as well as the the usual Mexican staples. If you have never tried a burrito with sweet potatos, this is the place to go.

Burrito Bros. knows guacamole, and they take it very seriously. Guac is only available on a limited basis, depending on how fresh and ripe the avocados are each day. Burrito Bros. is known for their guac light which is illuminated when guacamole is available. They serve up their 2-scoop side of guac in a carboard tray, topped with shredded cheddar cheese. The texture of the guacamole is more of a smoother consitency and comes with a side of chips. An order of guacamole will cost you $4.40 but be sure to go early before they run out.

El Indio

407 Northwest 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 377-5828

El Indio is a hidden gem that can be easily over looked while driving along 13th Street. Many may not be aware that just past the Krispy Kreme sign on the other side of the road is a double-drive through Mexican fiesta of a restaurant. If you choose to get out of the car there is a to-go window and a white picket fence encompassing a few picnic tables to eat at alongside 13th. Prices are very reasonable and all of the ingredients are fresh from the area.

Now lets talk guacamole. A side order of chips and guac is $2.53 and includes a small bag of tortilla chips and a 4 oz. container of guacamole. If you have ever watched them at the window, their guacamole comes out of a silver gun-like machine and into the containers. It definitely has a smoother consistency, not as smooth as Burrito Bros. but this is not your hearty guacamole. Their guac has a good amount of seasoning and is a perfect side to any meal.

La Tienda

2204 Southwest 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32608-2005
(352) 367-0022

Talking about hidden restaurants, La Tienda is another hidden Gainesville destination. It is hidden behind some trees on 13th Street, south of Archer Road. This Mexican restaurant is spacious inside and has an outside deck as well. They also just started a delivery service to a wide range of places.

La Tienda has a huge portion of gucamole when you order it on the menu. It comes with a side of thick tortilla chips that can really withstand the depth of the gucamole. Their guac was more chunky than some of the other places and had a nice smooth flavor. For only $4.50 you get a container of guacamole as well as a side of salsa and a handful of chips.

Boca Fiesta

232 SE 1st Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 336-8226

Boca Fiesta has a funky atmosphere. It is located downtown by the Hippodrome and when you walk in, you'll see what I mean. Interesting chachkies are found throughout, on the walls and on the shelves behind the bar. The bar itself also deserves notable mention, it's not huge but a perfect spot to celebrate happy hour after a long day at work or school. Boca Fiesta has a versatile menu catering to the herbivores, carnivores and vegan. They feature a weird meat each month and have gator on the menu as a regular meat option.

Portions at Boca Fiesta are large, and their meal deal is really a great deal if you are hungry. An order of guacamole is $5 and comes with an empty bowl, one Hass avocado, some lemon, kosher salt, fresh garlic, chili pepper, onion and a masher. You make it all on your own, exactly how your table likes it. The restaurant serves chips and salsa complimentary to the meal, and be sure to try one of their unique margaritas, like watermelon or mint, if you're there.

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