The guacamole appeal.

It's mean, it's green, it's healthy, and quite honestly it's just a simple spread of deliciousness. Hopefully, if you're here you agree and are ready to dig deep into the guacamole bowl of goodness. Gainesville, Florida is home to The University of Florida, Gatorade, Tom Petty and a few native Mexican restaurants all with a side of guacamole on the menu. As an appetizer, entree, dessert, snack, spread, dip, or side-- guacamole has been standing it's ground next to the bowl of salsa at the fiesta for quite some time now.

The guacamole mission.

Whether you are new to Mexican food, Gainesville, or the wonderful world of guacamole, this website is here to guide you. We're on a mission to learn about the various kinds of guacamole native to Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville Guacamole is here to inform the local community about the good, the great and the guac that deserves a standing ovation (or atleast seconds). This isn't just a website, it's an una misiĆ³n de guacamole.