How to Reach Me

Me Me at the Atlantis Memorial Reef

My name is Aliette Gomez and I have been diving for about two years. I was certified at Underwater Unlimited, a dive shop that offers an extensive array of classes. The friendliness of the instructors helped me build my confidence and make the process easier.

My interest in the ocean began with my father, who loved to take me to the beach every weekend. His extensive knowledge of marine life left me both impressed and fascinated. Watching 'Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel soon bacame a highlight of my year.

Now with my certification it is a goal of mine to dive in every ocean and go to as many places as possible to see the marine life present in different environments. If you are interested in more information about SCUBA Diving or wish to contact me you may email me at or follow me on Twitter @aliettegomez.