So You Want To Get Certified

Although certification is simple enough, and there is no real age limit, there are some steps to completing the process. Before you even contemplate getting certified you should verify that you are healthy enough to widthstand being underwater for extended periods of time. In many jurisdictions it is necessary to have a medical test before SCUBA diving. These are typically a few of the prescreening questions:

Sample Questions

An official, detailed health pre-screening questionnaire includes many more questions.

Furthermore, it is necessary to complete a swim test to be declared capable of completing any certification course.This is only natural and consists of two parts:

Swim Test Components

It is important to note that the continuous swim is untimed, which means you can take as long as you like provided you don't stop. These tests are necessary because even though most dives are leisurely in nature, they require you to swim for long periods of time.

Technology Is Changing Things

The internet is changing the way the world works and the SCUBA industry is no exception. Many online courses for the theory portion of certification are available now to accomodate people with busy schedules. While there are many agencies that offer these services, there are three exceptionally recognized and trusted agencies: