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SCUBA Collage

SCUBA is not actually a word. It is short for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or in other words a portable 'aqualung' that allows one to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Once an activity limited to the likes of Navy Seals and Jacques Cousteau, it has become an addictive recreational pastime for many.SCUBA allows people to really appreciate and see the seventy percent of the planet that not everybody gets to see.

According to estimates from the certification agency PADI, close to 3.5 million people dive each year. While fifty percent of divers in the United States are middle-class males in their thirties, nearly every demographic is represented in the diving world. Divers can get certified as young as eight years old and even persons with handicaps can qualify to dive.

This site is designed for those interested in diving and potentially becoming certified. It features the bare basics, including short video tutorials and resource links. Explore and dive into diving.