So You Want to be a Vegetarian?

Welcome to Univegsity! Use the fruits and vegetables above to navigate.
This site is designed to be a virtual university for students considering a vegetarian lifestyle.
Being a recent convert myself, I have gathered useful strategies to maintain the switch even in a new and unfamiliar city.
My mission in creating the site is to help students explore the lifestyle, and understand that it is neither as difficult nor as daunting as it seems.

Out of the Frying Pan

Of course, making the change is a considerable commitment, and you must have significant discipline and patience to dedicate yourself to it.
Check out my journal for my list of must haves for every student vegetarian.

If you do decide to take the plunge, make sure you do it right with healthy recipes.
Several vegetarian friends of mine resort to eating junk food in lieu of meat, which isn't good news for anyone.

If eating out is your pleasure, every city has a vegetarian niche, you just have to find it.
Using the Happy Cow Food Finder, you can type in your location and find dozens of options in your town.
Here in Gainesville, I stumbled upon tons of restaurants that cater to the vegetarian lifestyle.
Some of my favorites are: Karma Cream, Chopstix, and Reggae Shack Cafe.