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Ever since my undergradute degree, I have always had a passion for 3D modeling. However, it wasn't until my first internship in construction where I was given the opportunity to work with Current Builder's virtual design and construction department that I realized how valuable BIM could be to the AEC industry. I had been using the software tools for a couple of years before but had no idea how powerful it was. That experience fueled my masters research on the ROI of using BIM and has since led me toward the doctoral research track.

The video below depicts a model I created while conducting a case-study of our department's facility, Rinker Hall in 2009. The model represents information related to the facility's mechanical discipline and was constructed by converting a set of 2D as-built drawings to a 3D BIM post-construction. The animation was later created using Autodesk's Navisworks.

My Passions

My research interests lie in the applications of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the context of construction management. I am particularly interested in the qualitative and quantitative benefits for stakeholders using BIM processes as well as the potential return on investment of utilizing the technology. Other research subjects I have pursued include new and emerging trends in BIM and education and the use of laser scanning technology to improve the as-built documentation process.

My doctoral dissertation focuses on BIM from the owner's perspective and how their requirements will soon dictate the maturity of BIM processes industry-wide.

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