Architectural Studios

As a part of the freshman and sophmore curriculum, we were required to take three semesters of Architectural studios before taking more advanced coursework specific to Interior Design. In those first three semesters, I was taught the fundamentals of design and how to analyze space, scale and proportion. I learned to defend my work to critics and present my ideas publicly.

Design 1

Learning to explore stereotomic and tectonic space
Individual Projects
Completed in Fall of 2003
Cube Project Image 1 Cube Project Image 2 Cube Project Image 3 Final Project Model

Design 2

Learning to explore scale and proportion
Individual Projects
Completed in Spring of 2004
Project 1 image 1 Project 1 image 2 Project 2 image 1 Project 2 image 2

Design 3

Learning to explore design concepts and more advanced mediums
Individual Projects
Completed in Fall of 2005
Door Window Stair Model Back Door Window Stair Model Close-Up Germany Project Model Image 1 Germany Project Model Image 2