when Chipotle just won't cut it

La Tienda

Caitlyn Finnegan Caitlyn Finnegan Caitlyn Finnegan

When it comes to Mexican food in Gainesville, you have a bevy of options to satisfy your taco craving.

That being said, none compare to the authenticity and expansive menu to be found at La Tienda. This restaurant has taken all your favorite dishes and made them a homage to the homeland cucina - a fiesta of spicy peppers, unique meats and chunky, fresh guacamole. The menu has more than 90 dishes to choose from, and don't think that it's spread itself too thin. While other restaurants may fail at trying to offer too much, La Tienda succeeds by sticking to its roots and serving honest-to-goodness Mexican staples and nothing else.

For undergrads looking to move beyond their normal late-night trek to Taco Bell, stop searching for the perfect study fuel - this is it. The tortas, Mexican sandwiches stuffed with your choice of meat and anything from refried beans, avocado, onions and more, are filling and made entirely from scratch after you order. Don't think that just because you're moving past your Chipotle addiction means you have to give up burritos - the restaurant's Carne Asada Burrito will leave you craving it for days. When it comes to choosing your protein, don't be afriad to be adventurous. The menu lists choices like beef cheek, tongue and even cactus but after several recommendations from regular customers, it looks like it's hard to find something on the menu that you won't like.

The restaurant even has vegetarian selections like Chile Pablano, a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and topped with red mole, and the Enchiladas Verdes de Queso, three cheese enchiladas topped with green mole, lettace, tomato and avocado, for those on a stricter diet.

The prices are perfect for any budget, with most dishes ringing up around $5. Grab a Mexican cola from the cooler next to the register on your way out and come back pronto for your next spicy food craving.

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