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Falafel King Sandwiches

Caitlyn Finnegan Caitlyn Finnegan Caitlyn Finnegan

An easy choice to shake up your normal lunch schedule, this haven for Middle Eastern cuisine sits nestled in Butler Plaza beside McAllister's Deli. Limited seating makes it more of a take-out spot but it's also great for a quick lunch with a small group of friends if you can snag one of the booths.

The menu serves authentic pita and gyro sandwiches for hungry undergraduates looking for an alternative to mainstream Pita Pit and baklava and cashew fingers for those with a sweet tooth. There is even a selection of fruit smoothies combining flavors like strawberries, bananas and honey. Be warned if you are a stickler for fried falafel - Falafel King offers a healthier, baked version that is bursting with spiced flavor but not crispy like you might expect from other falafel joints.

While platters of chicken and beef kibbi are available, the sandwiches are the real draw to this market. The freshly baked bread is soft, chewy and the perfect vessel to deliver the flavor-packed ingredients you can choose to fill it. From its namesake falafel to grilled chicken, the selections will satisfy anyone is your group. The most recommended dish? Surprisingly not the baked falafel but the kafta kabob. The beef and onions are perfectly seasoned and served with a great tahini sauce ratio that lets you appreciate both parts of the sandwich.

Grape leaves, basmati rice, fresh hummus and pita bread are also available to be served alongside any of the main dishes. Of the many meat and vegetable pies on the menu, the za'atar pie was the most recommended with its combination of spices, herbs, olive oil and pita bread.

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