Double Down Live!

Double Down Live! is a relatively new place in Gainesville, Fla. However, the location is legendary for local musicians because it used to house Common Grounds, a historic music venue in the area. Double Down is basically the same venue- just with new management. The same type of bands are still being booked, and local artists are still encouraged. A heads up, though, that this venue is an 18+ only (as are most venues in Gainesville!). Even performers can't get in if they're underage- Unless a parent or legal guardian brings them and stays the entire time.

Double Down Live Mayday Parade at Double Down Oct. 2011

How To: Book Here

With the new management, Double Down now books performers through Glory Days Presents, a music production and promotions company based in Gainesville.

Contact Pat Lavery with Glory Days Presents:

Glory Days' blog has some great tips for bands on how to book their first show and how to get a tour. The blog gives etiquette tips, email advice and even some tips for veterans.

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