1982 Bar

1982 Bar is a local bar and music venue located in Downtown Gainesville. This is one of the more popular places for shows in the area. It has a true rock bar feel to it. Another popular attraction is the video game bar where patrons can play any and all video games for FREE. 1982 Bar is also recognized as one of the friendly venues for local musicians. Heads up, this is an all ages bar too, so no need to worry about that!

1982 Bar

Miranda Nathanson is a freshman at the University of Florida. After being accepted to UF, she began researching the town of Gainesville. The local music scene was a recurring theme in her research of the area. When she arrived, she started searching for people to start a band with. Since she plays guitar, she wanted to find someone who could sing and someone who could play the drums. Nathanson said it wasn't easy, but she found a couple of guys who fit the description. After they started playing together, the group decided to attend some local shows. And that's when problems arose.

"I'm only 17 and so I can't really get into most places in Gainesville," Nathanson said.

When they discovered 1982 Bar, Nathanson and her "band" (air-quotes courtesy of Miranda) were relieved to find somewhere they could become a part of the local music scene without having to worry about Nathanson's current underage status.

How To: Book Here

1982 Bar really encourages local and unsigned performers. They want to make it as easy as possible to book a gig, so there's a booking section on the website. Artists just need to fill out the brief questionnaire and someone will contact you from there.

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