Welcome to Gainesville!

Gainesville, Fla., is widely recognized as a mecca for music. Underground musicians flock to the area in the hopes of jumpstarting a career in the industry. And Gainesville is always considered a welcoming place to do just that. In fact, Blender Magazine named the town the "Best Place to Start a Band in the United States." Affectionately referred to as Gainesville Rock City, Gainsville has earned the title by catering more to local up-and-comers and less to big name bills.

Consider this your User's Guide to starting it up in Gainesville.

All Time Low performing in Gainesville

What You'll Find Here

This website will help you learn the ins-and-outs of the Gainesville Music Scene. You'll learn about different venues, festivals and musicians from the area. You can also learn about a record label from the area and the major acts signed to it.This site will also connect you with the booking information for some of the local venues to help you start your transition into live performances.

Good luck and Welcome to Gainesville Rock City.

Words of Advice from a Local

Joe Lo, the lead singer of Gainesville's Of Valleys and T13C, has been making music in the area since he was a kid. After attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., he and his twin brother returned to Gainesville to turn their passion for music into a career. The brothers have been touring professionally for years and have made quite a name for themselves locally. Lo said that anyone who wants to make it in the profession needs to network and market themselves. For two weeks before a show, he will go to a public location in Gainesville (like a Starbucks or bar) and sit there all night selling tickets to his show. He personally puts fliers up for his shows, and has even painted the 34th St. Wall, a famous wall where locals paint messages and pictures, advertising upcoming shows. Lo also recommends all forms of social media- blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He said word-of-mouth is the quickest way to book a gig. Lo accepts any friend requests he receives on Facebook because he wants to get his music out there and thinks this gives fans a personal connection- and the feeling of an almost obligation- to attend shows.

Almost Made It- T13C (3:52)