Admit It

You Want A Great Body

A sculpted chest, rounded shoulders and powerful arms. It doesn't seem like much to ask for, but you probably already know that it's not easy to achieve.

So what's the first step in achieving a physique that looks like it was chiseled out of marble to resemble an ancient Greek god?

Powerful, Compound Weight-Lifting Exercises

And when you think of exercises that the mightiest of the muscular partake in, what comes to mind?

The Bench Press

Anatomical overview of the bench press.

Why You're Here

When it comes to popular weight lifting exercises, the bench press has a lot of weight to throw around. In the sport of powerlifting, it is one of only three strength exercises chosen to be measured in competition. It is an exercise held in awe by professional body builders and weekend workout warriors alike, recognized in almost all American households. Almost anyone who has ever been to a gym before can remember how much weight they once bench pressed and you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll want to know if their number is higher than yours.

But for how much attention this one exercise receives, a large number of people are practicing it incorrectly, ineffectively and even sometimes dangerously. Improper form, resistance selection and technique can hold you back from improving your strength and possibly injure you. When you exercise with weights, it's important to have a set fitness goal in mind and workout in a way to meet that goal.

This website was created to help those new to participating in a resistance-training exercise program be able to properly execute the bench press, and provide both practical and historic information about the popular weight lift. From warming up to reaching your one-rep max, instructions for exercising correctly can be found here.

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