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calligraphy for fashion

lotus Enjoy your writing? Even though writing pretty characters requires great patience and practice, it still can be fun. Writing Chinese calligraphy can add creativity to your life and bring some of the uniqueness and diversity of the ancient Chinese culture to your modern world. Chinese calligraphy can serve as a beautiful decoration on your walls, furniture, clothes and most anything you can imagine. Chinese calligraphy tattoos also are very popular. It is so much fun to design my own style of clothes with Chinese calligraphy decorations. Isn't it fashionable?

lotusNowadays, more and more westerners are becoming fascinated with Chinese calligraphy. They take classes and practice Chinese calligraphy daily as a way to enjoy the peace and happiness through writing. Some of them are very innovative to create their own ways of writing. Jonah Kessel, an American journalist who currently lives in Beijing, China, invented a new machine to automatically write Chinese calligraphy on the floor. Check out the video below and enjoy the cool water calligraphy tricycle.