Do you need to know Chinese characters to write Chinese calligraphy? The answer is a definite “No.” Think of Chinese calligraphy as abstract painting, you can make your own meaning just from mastering the strokes. If you have an interest in exploring the beauty of Chinese calligraphy but know nothing about Chinese characters, this website is meant for you.

lotusicon History

The word “calligraphy” comes from a Greek word meaning "beautiful writing."But Chinese calligraphy is different from Western forms of calligraphy because the characters are more like painted pictures than letters. Mastering the technique of using ink to write Chinese calligraphy is an art as old as China itself.  Archaeologists have found evidence of Chinese calligraphy on four-thousand-year-old tortoise shells carved with sharp stones. As writing tools have evolved, so too has Chinese calligraphy, which has became an essential part of the Chinese culture. Even though writing Chinese calligraphy is not a common method for daily communication in the digital age, it still serves as a channel for the appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and heritage. It has also become more and more popular in western countries with its unique cultural implications.


Chinese calligraphy is a reflection of the inner mind, emotions, and intellect of the calligrapher.  As it is said, “The way characters are written is a portrait of the person who writes them.” In ancient China, strong calligraphy skills were a standard requirement for government officials. Besides perfecting individual styles, many famous calligraphers love to draw lotus flowers next to their characters because the lotus represents the integrity and elegance. These two traits are highly valued in Chinese culture.