Be a Gamer Without Going Broke

Video games have become an increasingly engaging entertainment form. Whether you enjoy pawning n00bs in Battlefield 3 or racing with your friends in Mario Kart, gaming appeals to many different audiences. There's just one problem - being a gamer is expensive! The average Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC game can cost a pretty penny - usually $40 to $60. New releases will almost always hit the high end of that range.

So how does a gamer fuel the habit without going broke?

Money or Gaming?

Well, you're in luck! This website will share some of the wisdom I've collected over the years. Saving money on video games isn't a science. Most of it depends on the type of games you enjoy and how frequently you play. Regardless, these tips and tricks can keep a bit more money in your pocket and a few extra games on the shelf.