Mint leaves and other herbs may be used to create texture and a fresh aroma.

Pay attention to the labels on essential oils. These oils are used for aromatherapy, so they are often associated with different moods, such as relaxation or happiness.Choose the mood that suits you.

This website simply provides suggestions and recommendations for your homemade products. Do not be afraid to mix and match different recipes!


Although homemade products are supposed to be safer than chemical products, it is always a smart idea to test your product on a patch of skin to avoid an allergic reaction.

These products have not been tested by higher scientific authorities. Use harsher scrubs sparingly during the week to avoid irritation.

Be aware of any open cuts on your body. Salt scrubs may induce irritation and stinging on your wounds.

Use your products wisely. Do not ingest your homemade body scrub. Even though the majority of the ingredients are in your kitchen, an excess of oil and salt does not react well with your stomach. These products are intended for outer body use.