1837-William Procter and James Gamble form a joint venture to sell candles and soaps.
1848-Lewis Caleb Beck is hired by the government Patent Office to perform chemical analyses of agricultural products.
1862-The Ivorydale Factory begins mass production of Proctor and Gamble Ivory Soaps.


1906-Congress passes the Food and Drug Act, the first consumer protection laws relating to the FDA.
1938-Congress passes the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act after a legally marketed substance called elixir kills 107 people.
1950s-Following WW2, advertisers promote "better living through chemistry."
1976-Congress passes the Toxic Substances Control Act, authorizing the EPA to require documentation for chemicals.


2003-The Eurpean Union Cosmetics Directive bans 1,100 chemicals.
2005-The California Safe Cosmetics Act is signed into law.
2008-Nine states consider legislation to ban toxic chemicals from personal care products.
2011-(Nov. 17) The US Senate holds a hearing for The Safe Cosmetics Act.

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