The beauty in making beauty products is the ability to express yourself.

Making your own products is both fun and rewarding. Pick your favorite scents and get creative.

The first thing to grab out of your kitchen is a large spoon and an empty glass jar. Recycle a used jar to store your finished product.

Next, you need vegetable-based oil. Determine how dense you want your scrub to be before buying oil. There are plenty of oils available in grocery stores, such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and almond oil.

Once you have oil, decide what kind of exfoliate you need. Use grounded sea salt or brown sugar if you want a strong exfoliate. LIVESTRONG recommends ground almonds if you have callused and flaky skin. However, harsher exfoliates should only be used once a week. Use oatmeal if you have sensitive skin.

The most important ingredient is essential oil, which is available at any natural foods store. The essential oil is used to create your desired scent. I recommend lavender, grapefruit, spearmint or eucalyptus.