How are chemicals used?

Chemicals permeate through most things in our daily lives, including medicines, plastic items, food additives, household cleaners and beauty products.However, there are some intended purposes to this chemical presence. Petroleum-based chemicals (petrochemicals) may be used to accomplish the following desired effects.

Foaming Agents
Popular function in shampoos,body washes and face cleansers. Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocoamide DEA, Lauramide DEA, and Sodium laureth sulfate stimulate foam.

Common in lotions, deodorant, conditioner and baby wipes. Ceteareth-12 and Ceteareth-20 are thickening agents. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also an emulsifier.

Accomplished by many chemicals, including Parabens, Quaternium-15 and Centrimonium chloride.

UV Absorbers
Created by the benzophenone family (1-12). These are inherit in sunscreen.

Glycolic acid (AHAs) attract water from your skin's lower layers to hydrate your skin's surface and prevent dryness.

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