There are many reasons people choose to craft thier own products.

For one, personal care products can be more economical. One 14 oz. jar of organic Tree of Life coconut oil costs as low as $11. If you use 1/4 cup of coconut oil in your body scrub, you can create up to 32 batches of scrub. In this way, homemade products also make for easy and inexpensive gifts.

Althea Wright's soy candle

Others are motivated by sustainability. Althea Wright has been making her own candles for nine years in order to avoid carcinogenic chemicals.

Althea uses 100-percent soybean oil and 9.1-percent non-carcogenic fragrance oil to produce candles for her business, Heaven Sent Creations. She sells her candles at local farmers markets in Gainesville, Fla.

When I approached Althea at the downtown Gainesville farmers market, she said that most candles in commercial stores are made with paraffin wax, which is created with leftover oil sludge. These candles are produced with strong chemical-based fragrances. The stronger the fragrance, the more soot the wax produces on the lead-filled wick.

"Candles burn black because they contain carcinogenic petrochemicals," she said. "Soy candles burn clean."

Black smoke will never emerge from the 100-percent cotton wicks on Heaven Sent Creations, Althea said. The soy wax candles stay clean because the candle is non-toxic. In this way, soy candles are both eco-friendly and safe to sniff.