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ESPN Details

Note: With the recent additions of Texas A&M and Missouri, the league is in the process of reworking its ESPN contract.

In the fall of 2008, the SEC signed a 15-year deal with ESPN worth $2.25 billion, giving each school $187.5 million over that time. This is the longest contract the network has ever constructed and took affect in 2009.

Like the ACC deal, this contract covers both the revenue (football and basketball) and non-revenue/Olympic sports. ESPN's providers now carry the league championship for women's basketball, baseball, softball and gymnastics. They also get this nifty logo everytime a team plays on ESPN.

cocktail party
The Georgia half of the stadium during the annual Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville, FL. Since this is always an important game, CBS pikc it up for its 3:30 slot.

CBS Details

Not only does the SEC have a huge revenue stream from ESPN, but it also has a large contact with CBS. Right before ESPN deal, the league agreed to a 15-year deal with CBS worth $825 million. This value is about twice as much as the previous agreement with the network. ESPN also syndicates games through Raycom, but those games still use the ESPN graphics with "SEC Network" in place of "ESPN".

Game Order

Here is the TV network selection order:

  1. CBS 8:00 (only filled twice this year)
  2. CBS 3:30
  3. ESPN/ABC (between 7:00-8:00)
  4. ESPN2 6:00
  5. Raycom/SEC Network 12:20
  6. ESPNU 3:30
  7. CSS (regional) 12:30

Each SEC team has the right to put one of its non-conference games on pay-per-view.