On of the exciting parts of anticipating what time slot your favorite team will play in each week is guessing which announcers will be calling the game. Some games, like the Thursday night ESPN game or the CBS have fixed announcers. Other pairings are randomly distributed.

Here are some popular (or at least well-known) announcing teams for college football weekends in the South and beyond:

Alabama and Florida prepare to kick off for an CBS-aired game in the Swamp. Because both teams were ranked in the top 12, CBS decided to air the game at 8:00, with Lundquist and Danielson at the mic.

When watching a game, professional broadcasters, such as the preceeding will say something that just does not make a whole lot of sense. Awful Announcing is an entertaining and informational blog that keeps track of announcing oddities and schedules throughout the week.

Interestingly enough, the person listed twice for calling popluar match ups is on the blog's "Mount Rushmore" of "awful announcing."