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Asian Kaleidoscope Month Fashion Show at the University of Florida

A view weeks ago, I had the backstage privilege to Asian Kaleidoscope Month’s Fashion Show. Designers Dahae Kim, Thai Nguyen, and emcee Allyn Hoang attended and the designers presented their collections. Nguyen’s collection had a light and flowy feel to his clothing. The models seemed to glide across the floor as they turned, posed, and strutted their stuff down the catwalk. Backstage the hair and make-up crew were readying the models for the spotlight. Curling irons, lipsticks, and hairspray covered the back hallway of the Reitz Grand Ballroom. Nevertheless, the was a since of aw and excitement to see it all happen.

Lights clicked and flickered at the end of the runway. The lights never tired the whole show and the music was pounding a remixed version of the song, Sway. The men in Kim’s collection pounded the stage with the gritty, metal music blasting over the speakers. Their clothes, black and white, ripped, and muddled with remnants of heavy “guyliner”.

Dahae quietly and timidly said, “I love designing menswear because I cannot design a frickin’ dress.” The South Korean native spoke with a slight accent as she smoked her cigarette.

“I do like Gainesville,” she said. “I live in San Francisco and its really busy there. I could vacation here.”

Nguyen said he loved the hustle and bustle his city, Los Angeles. He works there as a fashion designer for the Vietnamese-American entertainment program, Paris By Night.

“I like what I do,” he said. “I like designing for people.”

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Sheer Gown

Sheer is another material all over the pages of Vogue: September Issue. I guess sometimes less is more. Even the designers of Project Runway couldn’t resist the temptation to throw in some pieces of sheer fabric in their collection and lace it with diamonds and crystals. Sheer can be tasteful. If done right.



Fur was definitely heating up the runway this year! That’s how you’ll know it will keep you warm this coming winter. And when I saw fur, I mean faux fur. This fall fur is making a dramatic plunge into the icy streets of New York. Now this style may be a little dated, but with the right accessories I can be brought into the 21st century.