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Girls with curls

According to Fashionising.com, next year the hair is all about “revivals and evolution.” Some of the popular looks out there include homemade curls, French twist, and half up Brigitte Bardot hair. Many classic hairstyles from past decades are shooting up the latter to once again be the style reserved for those with the most stylish sense of fashion. Those were a few of the styles to be looked up to for next year.

This year we say an uprising with short haircuts. We all remember the cute pixie cut rocked by Emma Watson and the various big bangs and bobs cuts fabricated with bold colors, like red and Gwen Stafanie-white blonde.

And let us not forget the bird’s nest bun that was indubiously brought to fame by Amy Winehouse of course. But the most unforgettable look would have to be the messy bun slash ponytail. Who knew you have to try so hard to look like you don’t care.

To the right are a few pictures that serve as inspiration for anyone looking to stay ahead of the trend.

French braid