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Five steps to learning how to be a spoken word poet:

1. Find your voice: You should choose a topic to speak about that you're passionate about because that passion will show through and engage your audience.

2. Spend time on the writing process/Content: Choosing a topic and where you want to travel with that topic can be difficult to figure out. Use everyday inspirations and conversations. Pay attention to what grabs your interest and the interests of those around you then write, write and write some more. Punctuation is a valuable key. Simple things such as commas or dashes can give a piece a whole different meaning.

3. Delivery: Rehearse! Practice how you want to present. Your voice is important. Inflections, pauses, and breaths, all of these can add or take away from your poem. To get an idea of how to deliver a poem watch other poets, but always remember being original and yourself is more endearing than copying a delivery.

4.Emotion: That's what this is all about! Whatever you feel about your subject matter, make the audeince feel it as well. This is where your inner theater geek can emerge. Don't be afraid to cry, jump, or be dramatic, just make sure your poem calls for such theatrics.

5. The Audience: This is probably the most imporatant step. Keeping in mind your audience or the event you are reciting this poem for is important. You want to be recieved well or at the least grab enough attention to provoke thought or change in the minds of the audience. Entertain them, teach, or have a conversation with the audience, but keep in mind that you are sharing your art. Make them feel included.

According to information found on poetryNprogress.com and UF's Poets INC poets

Created by Annabelle Brooks