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It's easy! Attend one of the many Gainesville open mic nights.

At the University of Florida, there is a poetry organization called Poets INC. This group of college poets promote writing and performing poetry. They shaire their poetry through bi-weekly round tables and open mic nights at the Orange & Brew on UF's campus. Round tables are for members of the organization where they can sit down in a closed and comfortable setting and read their poetry without the pressure of the stage. Open mic nights are for the pros and beginners. Poets Inc. incourages everyone to share their words with the crowd. Visit their Facebook page for details on events and how to join. Below is a video of one of their poets performing at FLOW Open Mic night.

Open Mic Mondays hosted by a local poet, Ambrose Cavender, is open for all to explore their talents, share, or enjoy as an audience member.

There are a few other fun poetry readings going on around the Gainesville area. Here is a list of events you may want to check out with contact information of some poets who attend or help organize these events!

Created by Annabelle Brooks