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Few, if any, sports have come about from fictional series. Quidditch is the exception. In the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling developed the magical world's most popular sport and introduced it to the muggle world when Harry Potter became the youngest-ever seeker at Hogwarts.

Readers quickly became enthralled with the sport and cheered for Gryffindor when they competed and were disgusted when Draco Malfoy became seeker through bribery.

But, reading about Quidditch wasn't enough. Fans of the series felt a longing to play, but how does one play a magical sport without magic? Xander Manshel, a Middlebury College freshman, figured it out.

In 2005 he adapted the game and it soon became an intermurial sport in his school. The very first Muggle Qudditch game was a joyful mess of "broom-like implements, including a Swiffer mop and even a lamp." That same year, ten intramural teams made up the first "Quidditch World Cup."

Quidditch team in position to start the game, with brooms on the ground

The Intercollegiate Quddich Association was born in 2007, developed by Alex Benepe, following a match between Middlebury and Vassar, the first ever intercllegiate competition.

Today there are hundreds of teams from all over the world part of the IQA.

For more information read the rule book. It's not only an informational read, but a highly entertaining one.