Do I fit?

These two wonderful women volunteered their time to speak with me as part of my internship with Gainesville Health and Fitness to tell me a little about their story of overcoming their fitness fears. Their stories were so powerful they were then interviewed for Gainesville Health and Fitness to share a little bit more about how and why they overcame their fear for Gainesville Health and Fitness member stories on their website.

The moral of both of their stories is that these two women both had something holding them back, but they have overcome those fears and are now feeling better than ever. Motivation and encouragement from a community around them helps them succeed.

What if you don't have that community around you? "There are other people already at the gym that are in your shoes or once were in your shoes. Find something there that you like and then you will be able to meet others that share the same interest and could possibly help you stay motivated and on your way to your goal." -Kyle Miller, Fitness Director, Gainesville Health and Fitness.