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About the Hachiko Coalition

Informally created during Hurricane Katrina to provide contract support to the U.S. Air Force for civilian emergency evacuation, The Hachiko Coalition was regrouped and renamed following the triple catastrophe in Japan on March 11, 2011. Currently, the Coalition is working to draw attention to the plight of dogs, cats and livestock neglected by the Japanese government within the Fukushima Daiichi power plant's 20 km nuclear exclusion zone. Many have perished from starvation (see video posted on this page via youtube.com) after the Japanese government sealed off the exclusion zone.

The Hachiko Coalition is a group of altruistic, caring, socially responsible, and highly motivated individuals from both coasts of the U.S. and from Canada. We have a strong following on Facebook from caring individuals just like us who are located all over the world, and we have a presence on Twitter.

Please help us rescue these animals from the zone. One hundred percent of The Hachiko Coalition's fund-raising efforts go to support rescue animals in the exclusion zone - we keep nothing! We also have a list of animal rescue and relief organizations in Japan on our Resources page, which includes no-kill shelters. We highly encourage you to donate directly to those groups for support.

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