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Tagaki and Hachiko Coalition's Save Fukushima Animals Campaign

The Japanese government has not allowed animal rescue and relief organizations to enter the 20 km zone affected by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown. Please help us raise awareness by sending a photo of your dog, cat, cow, heifer, bull, horse, or other livestock, with a message to the Japanese government to allow rescues of the Fukushima animals to nancy@hachiko-coalition.org. The visual petition is sent to Japanese government officials daily and will be posted on the 20 km barricade in Fukushima. For continuous updates on the animals and our efforts, visit the HC Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Hachiko Coalition is currently running a "Save Fukushima Animals Visual Petition Campaign." Concerned global citizens have sent more than 150 images of their pets with a message to the Japanese government to allow rescues of the animals neglected in the zone. Animals who were once beloved pets and prized livestock were not allowed to be removed from the 20 km nuclear exclusion zone. Thousands perished from starvation and dehydration, trapped in their homes, chained or locked in pens. Those who survived have been living without human contact for more than 200 days.

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