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So, what does it all mean?

So, what do you do now?

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what exactly is happening when you walk into a coffeehouse. But if you're still confused, don't worry. This page will delineate a typical visit to any coffeehouse. It will follow the thoughts of an individual as he determines what he would like to order. This will, so we hope, encourage you to ask the right questions before ordering any drink.

meet mr. coffee:

Mr. Coffee awoke this morning and found that he had over slept. He quickly realized that he wouldn't have time to prepare coffee at home. He'd just have to stop at the local coffeehouse on his way to work.

Upon arriving, he noticed the line and decided that the wait would give him the chance to think about what he would order. And because Mr. Coffee cared about the coffee he drank, he was glad for this moment of intentional deliberation. So, silently, he asked himself several questions.

should he order an espresso-based beverage?

He knows it doesn't contain as much caffeine as drip coffee, but he enjoy espresso with milk much more than drip coffee with milk. He's decided: He'll go with a latte.

what coffee bean are they using for espresso today? How is it roasted?

He looks up at the menu and reads that the bean is from Colombia and that it's a medium roast. He expects a slightly acidic, yet smooth espresso.

what kind of milk should he get with his espresso?

Last time, he tried skim milk but it was slightly too foamy at the top and not creamy enough throughout the entire beverage. He'll go with whole milk.

should he get flavored syrup in his drink?

He ponders for a moment. A syrup would certainly add sweetness and a distinct flavor, but he truly wants to taste the pure espresso. Nope, no syrup.

should he get it iced?

Iced drink are always refreshing, but he remembers that the last time he got an iced drink he drank it far too fast. He also knows that pouring espresso over ice always risks damaging the pure espresso. He'll go hot.

Finally, it is Mr. Coffee's turn to order. The barista is delighted to find that Mr. Coffee already knows what he would like to order. And because he sounds like he knows quite a bit about coffee, she will put extra effort into his drink so it is perfect for him.

Mr. Coffee grabs his drink, thanks the barista, and sips it on his way out the door, all the while thinking of all the effort it took to get this single cup of coffee into his hand. And he's proud that he did his part to honor all those who put their lives into this beverage.