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We've compiled some of the characteristics of a few of the coffeehouses in Gainesville. We suggest you visit each one and decide for yourself which is the best coffeehouse for you.

the bull

Using Strongtree Organic Coffee, The Bull does what it can to promote fair coffee production methods through Fair Trade. Its prime location on First Avenue is certainly one reason to visit. Perhaps what distinguishes The Bull from all other coffeehouses is that it also serves beer. Next time your downtown, check out The Bull.

coffee culture

Now with two locations, one on Northwest 13th Avenue and one on Newberry Road, Coffee Culture continues to push for perfection. They brew Lucky Goat Coffee, which has a line of Fair Trade coffees. "This place is like home," said Amber Holmes, a 3-year Coffee Culture barista. Culture provides both the quiet needed for a study session and the socialization wanted for good, personable conversation.

pascal's coffeehouse

Pascal's Coffeehouse looks like a northern cabin with a fireplace and everything to make you feel like you're not in Florida. Go and check out their timber ambience and have a mug of their locally brewed, Sweetwater Organic Coffee. Pascal's is within the Christian Study Center, so it is a prime location for studying but also a lively place with homey interaction. "We use the best of everything,"said Sally Privette, a barista at Pascal's, "even if they don't notice."


Need I say more? There are several Starbucks off campus and plenty on campus. Archer, Northwest 13th Avenue, downtown, and west of town, all home the coffee giant. All locations provide some study areas. Although it is not local, Starbucks provides the nationally familiar line of coffee that you can trust.


From the beginning Volta got its coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago. Volta prefers light roasted coffees so that the natural flavors of the coffee bean, and not the flavors inevitably added by the roasting process, are more evident. Their focus is on well-crafted drinks that embody the richness of the coffee bean from the farm to the coffeehouse. The only syrups they use are homemade chocolate and vanilla syrups, because they want their customers to appreciate the coffee itself. Go and have a latte or go and check out one of their public cuppings on Sundays. "We're here to provide how we embody our vision," Kreischer said, "and we want to make it available for those who share in that vision."