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Our goal is to guide the novice coffee drinker in the moment of ordering a drink at any coffeehouse. By exploring this site, you will know enough about coffee to order any beverage as an informed customer rather than an ignorant coffee drinker. For the avid, knowledgable coffee drinker, this site explores Gainesville's eclectic styles of coffeehouses. We believe that nobody should be ignorant about the coffee they drink or where they get it.

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Explore the various links above to learn about the different aspects of what it takes to get the perfect cup of coffee in a customer's hand. The links on the left will take you to the home page of the respective coffeehouse so that you can explore Gainesville's diverse coffee selection. The "coffeehouses" link above gives a summary of the coffeehouses on the left. Of course, our opinion might help, but we recommend you check them out for yourself.