Tapping into the full power of a gaming PC

Once your computer is built, you are going to need a few peripherals to go along with it so you can play games exactly the way you want. There are basic monitors, keyboards and mice, but they typically don't cut it for a competitive gaming environment. Below are a few suggestions for items that may help elevate your gaming to the next level.


ASUS VH242H While you may have an old monitor from the last decade lying around the house, there is a good chance you'll want to upgrade for something a little more modern. With a new monitor, you can enjoy the highest resolutions possible from your new gaming rig.


SideWinder X6 The keyboard is the primary way you'll be interacting with your computer. Therefore, picking one that is comfortable is extremely important. Having additional buttons while playing games is also a great feature for a gaming keyboard. Some gaming keyboards have the option to program macros, which are basically shortcuts that can give you an advantage in the game by letting you perform certain actions faster.


Sidewinder X8 A gaming mouse needs to have a higher level of precision than a typical mouse so your in-game interactions are swift and fluid. In real-world terms, that means you'll want a mouse with a decent dots per inch, or dpi, setting. Additional buttons are also a must.


Voyager PRO While you're playing games online with teammates, you'll want to be able to communicate with them. If your computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you might consider going with a Bluetooth headset since they also work with cell phones and many other types of electronics.


360 Controller Certain games just don't play well with a keyboard and mouse. A gamepad with a joystick is the answer for fans of fighting, platforming and third-person action games.