Parts needed for building your rig

There are many configurations for custom made gaming computers, but they all need to include the parts listed below. Each component has numerous technologies and price ranges, so it would be difficult to list all types. Therefore, only the most commonly used types for gaming computers, as of November 2010, are listed. The suggested components below were chosen based on price versus quality.

For a more exhaustive explanation of each part and the different technologies behind them, visit's PC Support page.


CPU This is the central processing unit. Essentially, this is the brain of the computer. Since this component handles the bulk of the actions that a computer carries out, thoughtful consideration should be given to the various types and brands of CPUs before making a purchase.

Video Card:

Video Card When building a gaming computer, the video card is extremely important. This determines how well three dimensional graphics are rendered and at what resolution they can be displayed.


Motherboard This component is equally as important as the CPU since all of the different components of the computer will be plugged into it. Because of this, you need to be sure that all of the parts you purchase are compatible with your motherboard.


RAM Modern computers use a form of memory called RAM, or random access memory. This is the part of the computer that stores the information for programs while they're running. The large number of different RAM types can make this one of the most difficult purchases.

Hard Drive:

Harddrive The hard drive is where a computer permanently stores data. The bigger the harddrive, the more games you'll be able to store on your computer at once.

Sound Card:

Sound cards determine how well the audible tones from a computer are played. For competitive gaming, sound cards can be extremely important. In some cases, a good sound card can mean the difference between hearing an opponent sneaking up on you in a game or being blindsided with a geurilla attack.


Case The motherboard will be mounted to the inside of the case, so it is important to buy one that is the correct size. Whether you want a case with lights and a side panel window or a plain black box, it can be an extension of your personality and style.

Power Supply:

Power Supply The power supply will be sending electricity to all of your components so it's important to get one that has all the right types of connections for your components and enough power to run them all at once. Without a power supply, all you have is a pile of silicon and circuit boards!

Optical Drive:

Optical Drive Whether you're going for a simple CD drive or a top of the line Blu-Ray burner, there are many different options for optical drives.