Time to build your dream rig

Once all the computer parts are purchased, you can begin assembling your new gaming machine. Follow the steps in order to piece everything together.

Step One - Gather your tools

Building a PC requires only a small amount of hardware and tools. You will need: Screws


Nothing special here. Just use regular screws.


Obviously, you’ll want to use a screwdriver that fits with the screws. A magnetized screwdriver can also be quite helpful in case you drop a screw into your computer case while you're putting it together.


This is just in case you are in an area that has low lighting and you need to see one of the many small screws and cables you’ll be working with.

User Manuals

Every single motherboard, heatsink and videocard is different. Keeping your user manuals nearby is always a smart idea to ensure you have properly assembled all of your components.