Rated N for nomlicious. When something is deemed "nomnomnom" it's a cuter way for saying it's delicious. Thank Cookie Monster for that one ;) Seriously, cupcakes are the biggest savour in treats. It's like your tastebuds are in heaven. Take a look at Ming's cupcake site's yummy recipes for the most amazing cupcakes. Ever tried pumpkin cupcakes? Me neither, but it's worth a try!

This is a little more advanced, requiring a cake mix to make from scratch. It sounds delish though! So, kudos to whoever can pull this off :) I would top it off with a lime for a sweeter pinch.

The inside of this cupcake looks insane! Who would've thought to add an almond/vanilla extract in the middle of a small treat? Looks tough, but I'm sure after a few tries it can be perfected.

Caramel apples are my fave when it's fall/winter time! I would love to bake this goody, I'd just add some granulated nuts to the caramel topping for more of a crunch :)
Useful website: Ming's Cupcakes website comes with a visual of the cupcake, along with ingredients and a recipe. Follow along with Ming on her website for more information and other tantalizing nomnoms! Ming's cupcakes have a ton of variety for taste and more pizazz for a sophisticated twist.

Decoration tips: Buy a cupcake tree to mount the cupcakes on. It provides a great center piece for any party and is usefule for family gatherings or holiday functions.