Travel Tips

  • Check out other traveler's ratings to find a good place
  • Prices go up during the summer
  • Book about three days in advance, if you can
  • Don't settle for the first price you find

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Where to Stay

How to Find

Finding a place to stay can seem pretty daunting in a foreign country, but don’t get discouraged. There are several resources that can make it extremely easy for you to find a comfortable hotel or hostel and save a lot of money.


The best place for you is completely dependent on who you are and the type of trip you are trying to have. is my favorite site for booking hostels. Its search tool is great because it allows you to sort the results by price and check out an approval rating of each place by people who have actually stayed there. In my experience, an approval rating above 80 is good, and things get a little shaky once you get into hostels with approval ratings below 65.

When to Book

It’s absolutely unnecessary to book lodging for your entire trip before you leave. With and all the other resources available to you, you can book hostels as late as the day that you want to sleep there.

The optimal time to book is about three or four days before you plan on staying there. This allows you the flexibility to stay in a place longer or shorter than you were planning, but will still allow you to find good rates and availability in the best places. Starting in the middle of May until August, everyone gets out of school and more people travel. Hotel and hostel rates go up and get a little harder to book, so I would recommend planning about a week in advance.