Cook Now ... Eat Later!

My favorite meal, chili, during the winter in Florida.

Preparing and cooking food takes a lot of energy and time, and who wants to spend time slaving over a hot stove? I don't like to, but I do it anyway. You have to eat. Most of the time I cook for only myself, so I usually have a couple of portions left that I don't want to throw away. So, I pack it, store it and eat the rest at a later date. Can you visualize throwing money in the trash or letting the garbage disposal shred it? That's what happens when you throw away food. Food costs money, and what you don't eat is probably thrown away most of the time, right?

Cook Now ... No Mess to Clean Later!

After you prepare, cook and store your meal the only thing left to do is clean your kitchen. Who loves to clean? Not me, but you have to do it anyway. The benefits of storing food you made is it saves you money because you're not wasting food, and you won't have a big mess to clean when you re-cook your food. The only thing you'll have to worry about is washing a plate, fork and the container you stored your food in.

My Favorite Cheap, Easy, Quick and Bulk Recipe: Chili

This is my favorite meal when it gets nice and cold in Florida. The added bonus is it's a cheap meal to fix. The only ingredients are hamburger meat, tomato sauce, chili powder and water. Most people put beans in their chili but I don't like beans, so they're not in my chili. In turn, I guess you could call it meat and tomato soup, but I still think of it as chili. I also like to dunk saltine crackers in it, too.


Directions: Cook meat; drain grease from meat; add meat, tomato sauce, chili powder and water in medium-sized pot and let simmer on med-high for 5-10 minutes. Let cool. Serve. Enjoy!