Living Off-Campus and Being a Full-Time Student is Expensive, So Don't Let Buying Food Drain the Rest of Your Wallet!

Students who live off-campus and have access to a full kitchen, at least a stove and microwave, have it a little easier than students who live on campus with only have a microwave and fridge. With a complete kitchen, recipe possibilities are endless!

Helpful Money-Saving Tips:

  1. Plan your meals -- If you plan your meals and keep track of what food items you have in your pantry, freezer or fridge you're less than likely to make another trip to the store. We all know when you go back to the store you're probably going to find something else you "need" and spend more money.
  2. A chart comparing the price of a bag of apples to the price of a bag of Doritos.
  3. Eat Healthy so Your Waistline, and Wallet, Will Be Slim -- Fruit and vegetables are easy on the waistline and wallet compared to cookies, candies, chips and other convenient foods. Grabbing an apple for a snack rather than a bag of chips is cheaper and healthier. Apples have nutrients you need, fewer calories and actually keep you full. A bag of Doritos will cost you more than an apple and is loaded with fat and empty calories.
  4. Don't Grocery Shop on an Empty Stomach -- If you go to the grocery store when you haven't had anything to eat in hours you're likely going to spend a lot of money. I am guilty of this. When your tummy is grumbling, and everything in the store looks good to eat, you wil buy more food than you need and spend too much money. Not to mention, you will probably waste money on the extra food you bought that you don't eat.
  5. Keep an Eye on Sales -- If you know which store has the best deals on the items you need, and want, you will probably save tons of money each year. When you're a full-time student there's nothing better than having extra money in your wallet.