Me eating chili.

Cutting Back on Food and Saving Money is Easier Than You Think!

This site is for students, or even non-students, who want to learn how to save money on food while going to school. I know we all love food, but these days food is too expensive to waste or eat out every night. If you don't think you're spending a lot on dining out you should add up a month's worth of receipts. You'd be amazed how it quickly adds up. Keeping track of bills like that will help you visually see where your money goes, and keeping track of your money might encourage you to save money and eat out less.

Who Doesn't Love Going Out to Eat?

If I could afford to eat at a different restaurant a couple of times each week, I would. In the real world as a college student I don't have that kind of money to eat up. I know most of my college friends agree with me. So, if you're a student who loves to eat out frequently maybe this site can help you save money. It might make you realize you can cook a mean meal just as good, or better, as the chefs in your favorite restaurant's kitchen.

Speaking From Experience

As the writer, designer and creator of this website, I am a 22-year-old journalism college student at the University of Florida who lives off-campus in an apartment. This website is an assignment for my Internet and Communications class. I can say from experience I have saved a lot of money by not eating out often and cooking in bulk. It's so easy to do and it's rewarding in the long run because you have extra money to spend on something other than food.