The Method: Lie Down

The purpose of teaching your dog to lie down is to make him/her more manageable, calm and approachable. If your dog is in a “down” position, people are more apt to feel comfortable around him/her.

Command your dog to “sit” and place a treat close to the dog’s face. Let the dogs sniff the treat. Lower the treat slowly to the floor. Your dog should follow suit. Give the command “lie down” (“Lie down, Ty” rather than “Ty, down”) as the dog lowers him/herself to the floor.

Only give your dog the treat when he/she is lying all the way on the floor. You should be holding the treat between the dog’s front paws. Repeat, “lie down” as many times as necessary. Follow with verbal praise: “Good boy/girl.”

The Tricks

Additional Tips

  • Repeat the training of this trick several times over several days.
  • Give your dog the treat when he/she is fully lying down – not half way or propping him/herself up on his/her paws.
  • When you’re ready instruct the dog to get up by saying “OK” and give more verbal praise. “Good boy/girl” works nicely.