About Lindsay's Training Tricks

This site hopes to explain some of the basic tricks that you can teach your pet and serve as a springboard for more advanced tricks in the future. By teaching our dogs the basics – sit, stay and lie down – we are laying a foundation for a slew of trick/training possibilities.

Our dogs are often more intelligent than we give them credit for; they are eager to learn, obey and please us, their owners.

Here, we will go over the basic methods for the four tricks presented and also give tips and resources for gaining skills and knowledge in training your dog to tricks.

The Tricks

Our Goal

Dogs are intrinsically obedient creatures. Their goal, in most cases, is to please their owners and receive praise for a job well done. Teaching your dog basic tricks can begin the process of teaching him/her “how to learn.”

The goal of this site is to give helpful tips and techniques for teaching your dog how to sit, stay and lie down. By learning these fundamental building blocks, you are teaching your dog a far more valuable skill: manners.

Remember: it is far more effective to teach your dog tricks when he/she is having fun and feeling loved in the process. Practice tricks only a few minutes at a time to keep training fun, fresh and entertaining for your furry friend.