Muffins, like cookies, are convenient. They are single serve, can be packaged together or individually, and are great for grab-and-go occasions like picnics and outdoor events. I also like to freeze a big batch of muffins so they are easily accessible for early mornings or surprise guests.

One thing to be careful of, though: do not overmix. Muffin batter that is overmixed results in dull, heavy muffins. The trick is to 'stir until just combined' and wet ingredients are moistened with wet ingredients. If you think you haven't stirred enough, you're probably ok!

daisys muffins

One of my favorite muffin recipes, especially during this fall season, is from a friend. Daisy's muffins are pumpkin flavored muffins with chocolate chips. Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice add more of the fall flavor in every mouthful.

Another delicious muffin recipe that tastes great any time of year is Kristen's recipe, named for the former teammate that shared them with me. Her mom sent these muffins in the mail, and they were hearty and durable enough to be intact upon arrival and still delicious.