As a food enthusiast, often referred to as "foodie," I really enjoy reading food blogs. I read them daily the way some people read the news. Some are updated daily, some weekly, and some monthly.

While traditional cookbooks are helpful and have served as a gold mine for family favorites, food blogs have become the go-to tool for new recipes and ideas. Not only do they give recipes and inspiration, but they serve as a forum for discussion. Cookbooks provide a dry method for one way to create a dish; blogs provide an idea/recipe with links to other people's photos and opinions that have tried the recipe, along with comments from readers about what worked and didn't work for them.

Some personal favorites include:

This blogger, Kath, focuses much more on healthy foods and being good to your body with natural ingredients. Like: Helps keep the rest of my meals on track.

Megan likes short cut baking but also knows when to make things count. Like: She understands that taste can be found with innovation and a box mix.

Katrina tries out a medley of recipes: mostly desserts but also likes to throw in tasty other dishes. Like: Lots and lots of pictures and she isn't afraid to try new, outlandish ideas.

Cathy and her husband actually just opened their own vineyard and are crafting their own wines. In the meantime, however, Cathy bakes amazing treats and entrees. Like: Most of these sweet recipes involve chocolate, peanut butter, or both. She also makes great tasting food that is accessible for a college student like me.

Ashlee also has started to focus on healthy, vegetarian meals and less on desserts, but I still enjoy referencing her ideas for quick and easy dinners. Like: Recipes incorporate local, seasonal produce.

Although this blogger has taken a break for a couple of years, the recipes are timeless. Like: Amazing pictures (also known in the foodie world as food porn) and exciting recipes.

This 'amateur' baker puts me to shame with the way she incorporates many techniques and ingredients and takes great pictures. Like: There is nothing she won't try.

This blog features a plethora of cookies and many other baked treats. If I need to find a specific ingredient in a baked good, I know I can find it here. Like: The amount and variety of baked goods from which to choose.