Cheesecake has never been a favorite dessert for me. Also, when asking what people like or want for a birthday or gift, I rarely hear 'cheesecake' as the response. But yet this has become one of my favorite things to make for two reasons: one intense recipe and a cheesecake makeover.

This delectable recipe is a fusion of cookie and cheesecake, unassumingly titled chocolate chip cookie cheesecake. This dessert is made of three layers: chocolate chip cookie on the top and bottom with a cheesecake filling in between. This became a recipe to take to large gatherings only. Otherwise, I could be counted on to demolish the entire pan by myself. Talk about a stomach ache.

The second reason I have come to enjoy making cheesecakes is indebted to a reform of the recipe. As an avid food blog reader, I found a method of making greek yogurt into a substitite for cream cheese, or what I like to call yogurt cheese. To use this method, simply allow the yogurt cheese to drain in paper towels and a strainer in the fridge until it reaches a cream cheese texture and consistency. This increases the calcium, reduces the fat, and decreases the amount of sugar needed, while leaving the taste product the same.

Because of these innovations, I have become a big fan of cheesecake; I love to make the chocolate chip cheesecake and am looking for more ways to expand this method.

Pumpkin is the flavor of the season and Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies are a great way to celebrate fall, chocolate and cheesecake. I used the yogurt cheese trick in this recipe- instead of 12 oz. of cream cheese, I used ~6 oz. vanilla and ~6 oz. plain greek yogurt, respectively. These are very rich but that didn't stop roommates from devouring them.